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We’ve been obsessed with providing positive client outcomes and experiences since 2015.

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Most marketing agencies sprint far away from regulated industries. We don’t, but we’re not most agencies. Instead, we’re the kind of agency that runs toward a challenge.

Who we are

We talk to people like you with brands like yours daily, so we deeply understand the challenges you face.

You can’t say what you want in the places your customers live digitally (why do you think this page doesn’t include industry-specific terminology?).

You also can’t pay for ad placements in most of the places you’d ideally want to (still, we have tricks).

And you must adhere to a laundry list of compliance requirements that vary wildly from state to state

We're your partner

We founded Hybrid Marketing Co in 2015 with a simple goal: to provide more results with less complexity.

Hybrid isn’t a restaurant, so we won’t serve you a menu. Instead, we’ll craft a detailed, step-by-step strategy to meet your goals, complete with benchmarks, KPIs, and transparent reporting.

Our high-touch, values-driven approach to industry-specific branding and marketing allows us to align with your key business drivers (revenue, risk, cost, cash flow, and utilization) and break through the digital (and physical) noise to drive real, lasting business results.

Who we work with


Our dispensary marketing skills are recognized and utilized by both Multi-State Operators (MSOs) and regional multi-location retailers for a good reason. We’ve been here longer than most and understand what it takes to drive awareness, loyalty, and sales in a crowded and tightly-regulated space.

Equipment Manufacturers

For far too long, the industry had to use equipment designed for other applications and industries (like food service). Fortunately, today manufacturers are developing purpose-built equipment designed to create better, more consistent, and safe products. And we’re proud to call the best of those manufacturers our clients.

Ancillary Services

The legal botanical industry now has countless ancillary services providing essential products and tools. And we work with many of them. From papermakers with over 400 years of experience to cultivation substrate manufacturers changing the way cultivators grow to your new brand, we’re here to support the growing list of ancillary products and services transforming the industry.


Cultivators should spend time caring for plants instead of worrying about marketing. We understand the nuances of your business, and we also understand how to translate those nuances into marketing that grows your company while you grow your plants.


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